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Registration Process
« on: November 06, 2012, 10:41:34 AM »
To register for the site you can click the registration link at the top of the screen and fill out all of the fields, followed by an email authorization and then subsequent approval by an admin.  The reason for all of this is to eliminate SpamBots which we have had problems with in the past.

On the registration form there are two mandatory fields that are for the purpose of defeating SpamBots.  One is the location field for which you may enter your city, country, province or state, all of the above or any combination. The second is the reason for joining.  There are two categories of members on the site.  There are users, those who wish to read and comment on articles or forum posts and there are the Guild members, those who wish to game with members of our community.  Either of these things can be entered into that field.  Again the purpose is for the admins to be able to read a human response as opposed to SpamBot giberish. 

Thank you for reading and happy hunting!