Author Topic: Something always important to remember when pvping in any game.  (Read 1878 times)

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Razer Academy: Athene on Backwards Rationalization

Or in other words, it's always at least a certain percentage (whatever percent of players you make in a given match) your own damn fault you lost.

Suck it up, analyze what went wrong, and try to correct it.

If you've got Team Lead, and you had options to take different loadouts that honestly would be more appropriate that, responsibility is on you for not nudging people in that direction..

If you're the healer, think what could you have done better to better utilize your cooldowns?

If you're racing, think of what corner you are honestly losing the most ground on, and try to correct it in test sessions. Run the track into the dirt over and over again until you're ready to take your competition. Find your next weakest corner, and either tweak your car, or your driving till you get it right.

And so forth.

It's a great vid though.