Author Topic: Windows 8 Media Center Pack and Keyboard Shortcuts  (Read 3804 times)

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Windows 8 Media Center Pack and Keyboard Shortcuts
« on: October 28, 2012, 01:33:12 PM »
For those who are planning / have updated to windows 8 on your PC below is a link to the media center pack that is free until Jan 31st 2013. The feature pack adds the capability to watch TV (if you have a tuner), play DVD's, etc.

Below are keyboard shortcuts that will save you a lot of time finding things:

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts
Key combination   What it does
Windows key shortcuts
Windows key   Go to the Start screen or toggle between the Start screen and your previous location
Windows-C   Open the Charms bar
Windows-D   Show the Desktop
Windows-E   Open File Explorer
Windows-F    Go to Files in the Search charm
Windows-H   Go to the Share charm
Windows-I    Go to the Settings charm
Windows-K   Go to the Devices charm
Windows-L Lock the device
Windows-M   Minimize all windows (only on the Desktop)
Windows-O   Lock the screen orientation
Windows-Q   Go to Apps in the Search charm
Windows-R   Launch the Run box
Windows-T   Put the focus on the taskbar and cycle through your running Desktop apps
Windows-V   Cycle through your notifications
Windows-W   Go to Settings in the Search charm
Windows-X   Open a menu of tools for power users
Windows-Z   Launch the App bar (or make it disappear if it's already showing)
Windows-1 through 9    Go to the app in the corresponding position on the taskbar (Desktop only)
Windows-, (comma)   Peek at the Desktop (on Desktop only)

Windows-spacebar   Switch the input language and keyboard layout
Windows-Home    Minimize non-active Desktop apps
Windows-Page Up    Move Start screen to left monitor
Windows-Page Down    Move Start screen to right monitor
Windows-up arrow    Maximize a Desktop app
Windows-down arrow    Restore/minimize a Desktop app
Windows-F1    Run Windows Help and Support

Other keyboard shortcuts
Alt-Tab   Cycle through thumbnails of open apps
Alt-F4   Close a Windows 8 app
Ctrl-A   Select all
Ctrl-C   Copy
Ctrl-E   Select the Search box in the Windows 8 Internet Explorer app; select the Address bar in Desktop version of IE
Ctrl-N   Open a new window in Internet Explorer (Desktop version only)
Ctrl-R   Refresh
Ctrl-V   Paste
Ctrl-X   Cut
Ctrl-Y   Redo
Ctrl-Z   Undo
Ctrl-F4   Close the active document in Desktop apps
Ctrl-mouse click    Select multiple items in File Explorer
Ctrl-Shift    Select a group of contiguous items in File Explorer
Ctrl-W   Close the current window in Internet Explorer (Desktop version)
Ctrl-Shift-Esc   Run the Task Manager
Ctrl-Shift-N   Create a new folder in File Explorer
PrtScrn   Take a screenshot and place it on the Clipboard

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