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Tomb Raider.
« on: June 21, 2012, 05:00:11 PM »

To quote one of my favorite Reviewers. Betrayal!

So every trailer I've seen, really makes Lara out to be just a whimpering horror girl bitch. Even the official E3 trailer.

"this story is dark and edgy!" No, it's lazy uninspired, and pathetic. You took a strong independent lead, and turned her into a professional victim.
Actually, no, this is Uncharted in game mechanics only. In Uncharted 3 young Nathan Drake was self confident to the point of cockiness and snarky. I would have pictured a young lara to always be fearless and adventurous. The whole "dark edgy trauma drama" thing is just lazy story telling. Yeah I'm going to wait for quite a few reviews before I even look at this title seriously. Every trailer I get, ever interview I hear, just gives me that "This is going to Suck and Fail" vibe.

I'm just going to steal a quote from the comments here:
To quote a friend. And fellow associate of Linkara's, James Macquarrie

"Why couldn't Lara start out as a tough, competent kid who didn't need anyone's protection? I have a daughter like that. She's been fearless, self-possessed and supremely confident since birth. She's 16 now and talking to her uncle about starting krav maga classes. Frankly, I would expect Lara Croft to have started out like her, born with boldness and a thirst for adventure, rather than as a mousy wimp forced to overcome her natural temperament and disposition in order to become a badass out of necessity as a substitute for trauma therapy.

Here's a fact: trauma does not transform weak people into strong ones. It breaks them. Trauma brings one's strength to the surface, but it has to be there in the first place. It's utterly lacking in the girl they showed us here, and no amount of trauma is going to instill it."

No Crystal Dynmaics doesn't get it, it's not about Lara's cup size or skimpy attire. It's about her bold adventurous attitude that appeals to gamers especially the female ones. So yeah, have her drop a cup size or two, dress her up in more sensible attire, but if you take away the bold fearless adventurer we know and love, you take away Lara. Oh and the "OMG I've killed somebody!" Yeah, they already did that in Anniversary.   
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Re: Tomb Raider.
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2012, 05:28:08 PM »
Well... They could've made her a dude. Like in BSG. Or a Transexual, you know that can't be far down the road...
All this happened... more, or less.